FAITH THAT WORKS: "No Partiality in Christ's Family" (James 2:1-13)

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May 20 2018
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Sermon Outline - “No Partiality in Christ’s Family”
James 2:1-13 by Pastor Trevor Crowe

I. Introduction – How do we treat others?
• Are the sinful ways of culture influencing the culture of the church?
• Do you show favoritism (partiality) towards others who may benefit you?
• Do you honor and respect the wealthy and powerful over the poor and weak?

II. Favoritism is Rebuked (vv. 1-4)
• Faith in Jesus and favoritism over others are incompatible.
• Favoritism places extra attention on certain people while dismissing others (v.3).

III. Reasons for Rejecting Favoritism (vv. 5-11)
• Incompatible with God’s choice of the poor (vv. 5-6a).
• Incompatible with the conduct of the rich (vv. 6b-7).
• Incompatible with the royal law of love (v.8-11).

IV. Remedy that Reveals Faithfulness (vv. 12-13)
• Live obediently by the law of liberty (v. 12).
• Shows mercy over judgment (condemnation) (v. 13).

V. Conclusion
• Authentic faith has a personal trust in Jesus Christ to meet all our needs.
• Faithful Christians reveal actions and attitude of love and mercy in the family of Christ.

Growing Deeper with God this Week
*Journaling in Reflection*
1. How might you be revealing partiality towards others within our church family?
2. How did God speak directly to you through today’s message?
3. If applicable, ask for God’s gracious forgiveness in your acts of favoritism/partiality over others.
4. Pray for the Spirit’s guidance in how to love and embrace all in Christ’s family.

Growing in the Word!
Pastor Trevor