FAITH THAT WORKS: "Who's Wise Amongst Us" (James 3:13-18)

Sermon Date: 
Jun 24 2018
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I. Introduction
• Who is wise and trustworthy as spiritual leaders (e.g. pastors, elders, teachers, and fellow Christians)?
• How do we discern between genuine believers carrying the wisdom of God vs. deceived believers who may hold false wisdom?

II. Two Sources of Wisdom
• true wisdom comes from God
• false wisdom (unspiritual-natural-sensual, demonic) comes from the devil
• godly wisdom is affirmed in a believer’s lifestyle (not just knowledge/intelligence)
• godly wisdom is dependent upon a believer’s attitude

III. Conduct:living in the wisdom of Godly vs. the wisdom of the devil
• godly conduct (list a few characteristics): humble, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, merciful, etc.
• worldly conduct (list a few characteristics): bitter, prideful (boastful), denies truth, envious, etc.

IV. Application/Conclusion
• Genuine believers growing in Christ will live out a life-style aligned with God’s purposes (keeps active in God’s Word) and lives it out in the ways of Christ in speech, attitude, and actions possible by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

“Journaling in Reflection”
1. Take the time to slowly read and reflect upon James 3:13-18. Right down whatever thoughts come to mind.
2. What’s the difference in knowing facts versus possessing godly wisdom?
3. How would you identify those who truly speak for God?
4. What areas of worldly wisdom could you identify with? Pray for God to help you replace them with godly wisdom.
5. Where are you not at peace? Pray for God to encourage and empower you to apply the godly acts of wisdom (v. 17) in these areas.

Maturing with you in Christ,
Pastor Trevor