ACTS: "Embracing the New Ways of God" (11:1-18)

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Jul 23 2023
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ACTS – To the Ends of the Earth
-Embracing the New Ways of God”
Acts 11:1-18
Pastor Trevor, July 23, 2023

I. Understanding the Ways of God
- diverse theology has been cause for much division
- difficult to embrace new ways of God (doesn’t make sense)

II. We’ve Never Done this Before
- once God said NO now He says YES (contradiction or change?)
- Apostle Peter receives vision to eat forbidden unclean animals
- Jesus illustrates salvation for Gentiles, requires no association with Mosaic Laws (Torah)

III. How to RESPOND when God brings Change
- RELUCTANT: good discernment / unwillingness to understand
- RESPECTFUL: willing to gently explain to help bring understanding
- REVELATION: reveal how God is in this (affirmation)
- RETHINKING: is God really doing this, are we going for or against God
- REVOLUTIONARY: God bringing something new unlike the past

IV. Implication / Application / Reflection
- How did God’s Word speak directly to you AND what is your next step of obedience based on today’s message?
- When does God (or other Christians) make you uncomfortable? How do you respond as such?
- Has your understanding of God changed over time? In what ways?
- How will you wisely discern what is of God vs of man or the enemy?
- Pray our congregation will be wise while also willing to embrace new ways of God in order to expand His Kingdom influences upon all walks of life.