ACTS - ON MISSION to the Ends of the Earth (Acts 17-28)

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Aug 06 2023
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ACTS – ON MISSION to the Ends of the Earth
Acts 17 – 28
Pastor Trevor, August 06, 2023

I. ON MISSION in New Lands
- Apostle Paul called by Christ to the Gentile world worshipping various gods and goddesses
- we have a changing world arriving at our doorsteps

II. Sharing Jesus within Diverse Religions
1. with grace & respect
2. if possible find common ground (an open invitation) that builds-a-bridge to share Jesus
3. when discouraged don’t quit, let Jesus encourage and direct you
4. shipwrecks may be opportunities to be used by Jesus to encourage and save the lives of others around you

III. Implication / Application / Reflection
- How did God’s Word speak directly to you? What is your next step of faithful obedience based on today’s message?
- What is your view toward others who have a different religion than Christianity?
- How does the devil try to tempt you away from sharing your faith?
- Why do you think sharing Jesus to others comes at a cost?
- Will you commit to the cost of Christ however/wherever He leads you?
- Pray for the Holy Spirit to provide an “open-door” for you to share Jesus with someone. Pray for wisdom, courage, and, gentle-boldness.