ACTS: The Persecuted Church PART II (Acts 9:1-19)

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Jul 16 2023
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ACTS – The Persecuted Church
-Persecutor to Proclaimer-
Acts 9:1-19
Pastor Trevor, July 16, 2023

I. Is Jesus Worth the Cost of Your Suffering?
- expected by Jesus (sheep among the wolves)
- persecution and divine provision from God is the daily norm for
Christians living in hostile nations

II. Persecution upon the Early Church
- Saul: a man of great zeal for God and hatred for Christians, responsible for overseeing Stephen’s death, chasing down believers to have them punished, imprisoned, and killed

III. Hope for the Persecuted Church to Keep Obedient
- Jesus knows, not caught off-guard, takes it personally to heart
- the church is connected with Christ
- Jesus is able to move in the hearts of our enemies

IV. Willing to be used to Bring Your Enemy Closer to Jesus
- to know it’s still possible for Jesus to save/transform our enemies
- Ananias called by Jesus to minister to his persecutor (healing, filling of the Holy Spirit, baptism)

V. Saul to Paul (persecutor to proclaimer)
- pride to humility (worse of sinners)
- passion for obedience to know Jesus (eg. baptism)

VI. Implication / Application / Reflection
- What challenges are you being faced with because of your faith?
- In what ways did God speak into your current situation?
- Pray for the Lord to provide you wisdom, guidance, strength and power, to follow His ways for His glory.