ACTS: "Suffering for the Salvation of Others" (16:25-34)

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Jul 30 2023
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ACTS – To the Ends of the Earth
-Suffering for the Salvation of Others”
Acts 16:25-34
Pastor Trevor, July 30, 2023

I. Jesus’ Goodness Leads to Greater Suffering for His Disciples
- Peter and John imprisoned and forbidden to preach/teach about Jesus
- Paul and Silas flogged and imprisoned for setting a slave-girl free
- could be tempted to reject the goodness of God and leave your mission/ministry when faced with greater suffering
- rejoice knowing God has a greater purpose in your suffering

II. How to Respond in your Suffering for the Salvation of Others
1. Use your place of PAIN to become a position for PRAISE.
2. Prayer and praise invite the POWER of God in response.
3. God’s power fulfills His providential PURPOSES.

III. Implication / Application / Reflection
- How did God’s Word speak directly to you? What is your next step of faithful obedience based on today’s message?
- Have you ever asked God why you have to deal with such pain and suffering? How do you usually respond in your relationship with God when enduring some means of suffering?
- What is the devil’s strategy in your suffering?
- What is Jesus’ strategy in your suffering?
- Pray for Jesus’ grace to be a sufficient abiding power and strength to help you endure through your physical and mental pains.
- Pray for others you know who are suffering with their existence of life. Pray they would come to know God’s love offered in Christ.