ALL THINGS NEW ("The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", Rev. 6:1-8)

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Nov 14 2021
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SERMON NOTES (in summary - please listen to the sermon for full context)
Read Matthew 24:1-51 and Revelation 6:1-8
1. What similarities do you see between these texts?
2. Do we know the exact date of Jesus' return?
3. Does Jesus expect to know some of the "signs" leading up to His return (end of age)?
4. What are the signs Jesus tells us to pay attention to?

QUESTION #1: What do these SEALS reveal making Revelation relevant for all church ages?
1. WARNING SIGNS (birth pains that will intensify nearing the Great Tribulation, God's Judgment, and, Christ's return)
2. REDEMPTIVE OPPORTUNITIES (Israel, Luke-Warm Believers, Unbelievers)
3. TO PREPARE THE BRIDE FOR CHRIST'S RETURN (cleanse and purify the Bride for her Groom)
4. TO GIVE WHAT THE WICKED WANT (reveal sin-stricken hearts who prefer the realms of evil than to turn to God)

QUESTION #2: What do the FOUR HORSEMEN reveal as this unfolds God's plans/judgement upon this earth?
1. WHITE HORSEMAN (Anti-Christ who will rule by RELIGIOUS DECEPTION - Demonic-Messiah)
2. RED HORSEMAN (will take away peace bringing DESTRUCTION - war, civil war)
3. BLACK HORSEMAN (with war comes an economic crisis, famine, poverty creating DISPAIR)
4. PALE HORSEMAN (Death & Hades, deception-destruction-dispair-DEATH over 1/4th of the earth)

1. Why do you think God will allow this to happen (keep in mind there is no evil in God)?
2. How are we already experiencing the birth pains as represented through these Horsemen?
3. What does this say about Satan, sin, and evil?
4. How are believers (the church) able to prepare themselves within such "tribulation-trends" (eg. God's Armor)?
5. What is the HOPE believers have as they endure suffering in her faith and obedience for Jesus?

"To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father - to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen." - Revelation 1:5b-6

God bless!
Pastor Trevor