FRESH: #5 Encountering the Holiness of God (Part III)

Sermon Date: 
Feb 03 2019
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Sermon Outline for Reflection/Further Study

a) What Sacrifice Do You Bring when You Worship God?
b) What is Your Heart-Attitude behind what You are Offering to God in Worship?

a) Call to Worship
(OT) God Summons His People into Assembly
(NT) The Church is the Spiritual House of God Assembled in Christ by the Holy Spirit

b) Purification
(OT) God Cleanses His People from Sin (Sin/Guilt Offering)
(NT) The Church Provides a Spiritual Offering in Confession & Repentance

c) Consecration
(OT) God Transforms (makes holy) His Dedicated People (Burnt Offering)
(NT) The Church is called to be Living Sacrifices Holy & Pleasing to God (sanctification by God’s living Word and Spirit.)

d) Offering
(OT) Worshippers acknowledge their Love to God & Other People (Grain Offering)
(NT) The Church reveals their Love in Prayer, Monetary Gifts, & Servings Others

e) Sacred Meal/Communion
(OT) God Serves a Sacred Meal Securing/Renewing his Covenant Relationship
(NT) The Church Partake in Sacred Communion under the New Covenant Relationship

f) Blessing/Benediction
(OT) God Sends His People to Serve Him for His Kingdom Purposes
(NT) The Church is Commissioned to Serve Christ and Expand God’s Kingdom in All Nations (Great Commission)

1. Based on this sermon series how would you answer these questions?
a) Is anyone able to draw themselves into fellowship with God? Why or Why Not?
b) What was commonly required that would allow God to temporarily forgive the worshipper’s sins under the Old Covenant?
c) What do the Old Testament sacrifices foreshadow?
d) Give examples of Spiritual Sacrifices under the New Covenant in Jesus Christ.
e) Does the attitude of the heart really matter to God when we worship? Why or Why Not?
f) Jesus invites us into a Communion meal. What does this holy meal signify?

2. How do you know if your praise and worship are pleasing and acceptable to God? Invite the Holy Spirit to lead & empower you to live out your Christian life as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God knowing this is your spiritual act of worship.

Pastor Trevor