Sermon Series: FRESH, Message #1 Follow Me

Sermon Date: 
Jan 06 2019
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SERMON OUTLINE - for further reflection and study.

I. Introduction
a) Leaving the former ways to be made new.
b) Will you go deeper with Jesus this year?
F.R.E.S.H. (vision for 2019): "F"ollow Jesus, Build "R"elationships, "E"ncounter God in Worship, "S"erve Others in Humility, live Empowered by the "H"oly Spirit.

II. Fresh Start for a Few Fishermen – Mark 1:14-20
a) Fishermen: working class, low degree of wealth & education, hard workers.
b) The call from Jesus: follow me and I will make you fishers of men.
c) Fishermen’s Response: left everything.

III. Rich Young Ruler – Mark 10:17-31
a) Young Ruler: wealthy, believed he was religiously approved by God.
b) The call from Jesus: lacked one thing, sell everything & follow me.
c) Ruler’s Response: unable to leave it all for Jesus, left with sorrow.

IV. Different Stories with Different Endings
a) One thing required to start a fresh life - to follow Jesus!
b) Fishermen filled with spiritual-joy, used by Jesus to change the world.
c) Ruler walked away from Jesus with sadness, kept to the ways of the world.

V. Conclusion – Want a Fresh Start?
a) Christian friends: Will you commit to follow the One who died for your sins and is ready to give you His abiding life?
b) Seekers of Jesus: Do you believe there must be more to this life than earthly possessions? Will you receive Jesus’ call to follow Him?

1. Read slowly Ephesians 4:22-24. What is God asking of you to put off from your old-self in order to put on the new self?
2. How did God speak specifically to you through today’s message?
3. What could be that one thing you lack in order to fully commit in following Jesus?
4. What steps will you take to go deeper in following Jesus this year?

The Lord's blessings to you this New Year!
Pastor Trevor