"Living Prepared" (Matthew 24:36-44)

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Dec 01 2013
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This is a Life Group Lesson / Reflection based from the sermon, "Living Prepared."


Do you remember a situation where you were NOT prepared? What happened?

Share reading the verses from Matthew 24:36-44 (Advent Text).

IN CONTEXT: The Disciples asked Jesus the following questions:
A) WHEN will this happen (destruction of the Temple);
B) WHAT will be the sign of Jesus' coming;
C) AND the end of the age(Matthew 24:1-3).

Jesus revealed what to watch for and advised them when such signs come upon them (i.e., destruction against the Temple/Jerusalem), they are to urgently run to the hills (opposite direction than the thousands of others who would naturally take protective cover behind the fortified city walls).

What Jesus prophesied did come true in the 1st century generation, however what is still to come in the extension of His prophecy, is His visible and physical return. This now leads us into Matthew 24:36ff).


William Barclay wrote: "There can be no greater warning and rebuke to those who work out dates and timetables as to when he will come again. Surely it is nothing less than blasphemy for us to enquire into that of which our Lord consented to be ignorant."

1. What positive insights is there us NOT to know the exact date/time of Jesus' return? Jesus WARNS us NOT to fall under false prophets which includes those make such bold predictions.

2. Why do you think Jesus refers to the example of Noah's flood in connection with His return?

3. How can we KEEP WATCH and ACTIVE in our FAITH? How might we be faithful and active in our faith even in the midst of our various trials & tribulations?


1. In what ways have the people in your Life Group encouraged your spiritual walk?

2. How may your group pray for you this week.

Living in the nearness of Christ's return!
Pastor Trevor