"Jesus Makes Everything Better" (#2: Don't Let Jesus Pass You By)

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Oct 02 2016
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Please feel free to use the following as a reflection, personal study, or for your Life Group. Please be sensitive to other views expressed.

This letter is commonly understood that the author is writing primarily to Jewish believers living within a threatening Greco-Roman society for being a follower of Jesus. With potential persecution on the line is Jesus truly worth following or is the Old Covenant way of knowing God not only safer but still the means to be with God. We might ask ourselves in our day and age, "IS JESUS WORTH TRUSTING KNOWING WHAT YOU WILL BE LOSING?"

READ HEBREWS 1:5 - 2:18
(additional reading: 1 Colossians 1:15-16; Acts 4:12)

•Why do you think many dismiss Jesus as being God?
•Why is the view in who God is important in knowing who man is?
•How would you respond to someone who says all religions are equal?
•How does the author reveal Jesus’ divine status as God? Why is this important?
•To whom are the warnings of chapter 2 directed?
•Why did Jesus have to suffer and how might this connect with Christian suffering?
•Do you fear death? Discuss further verse 14 – 15.

•Why is Jesus worth trusting to follow completely?

•We are to PAY URGENT ATTENTION to God’s greatest revealing of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus is the new way (New Covenant) to approach and enter into a relationship with God. Jesus is positioned above all! As God-man Jesus not only became the perfect sacrifice but is our perfect High Priest who brings us before GOD unscathed. Jesus has defeated the fear, force, and power of our sin unto His death! Jesus, as our High Priest, is ready to help us through our trials and temptations.

May God enrich your knowledge and strengthen you in faith as you reflect and study upon His Living Word!

Pastor Trevor