"After the Rose" - Rekindling your Marriage

Sermon Date: 
Feb 14 2021


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a. How would you define "True Love"?
b. Why do you think millions are captivated by watching romance reality shows or romantic dramas?
c. What might be the harm if you compare other marriages with yours?

II. LIVING IN THE WORLD: "Together for Conveniences"
a. Why might a marriage struggle if couples are together for self-gratifying purposes ("conveniences")?
b. What do you think is God's intentions for marriage?
c. Will you surrender or recommit your marriage into the hands of Almighty God?

III. ABIDING IN THE WORD: "In this Together in our Covenant-Love under God"
a. Read Genesis 2:18-25; Mark 10:6-9; Ephesians 5:21-33
b. How is God speaking to you through these verses?
c. HUSBANDS: What steps will you take to show your wife the expression of Christ's love and the well-being of her eternity?
d. WIVES: What steps will you take to show your husband the expression of Christ's love that encourages and empowers your husband to become the man of God he is to become?

IV. GROWING IN THE WAY: "Glued Together for God's Glory"
a. How does the ONENESS of marriage have similarities in Christ's ONENESS with His Church (the Bride)?
Note: Intimacy designed by God within a covenant-love marriage brings this sacred-trust within the depth of intimacy that has a couple become physically, emotionally, spiritually, binding (e.g., the consummation of marriage).

a. Before sin crept in Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. Through the cross of Christ, we are forgiven and reconciled with God! What steps do you have to take towards forgiveness and reconcilation? Being naked and unshamed means your love protects your identity, your vulnerability, your imperfections, flaws, and failures.
b. Will you invite Jesus into your marriage? May He work in ways that bring reconciliation and renewal that brings the closeness of heaven into your hearts.

God bless!
Barrhead Alliance Church