ALL THINGS NEW ("Let the Church have Ears to Hear"- Rev. 2:18-3:22 PART 2)

Sermon Date: 
Oct 17 2021

SORRY NO AUDIO-SERMON RECORDED (please see the sermon message online).

SCRIPTURES: Read Revelation 2:18-3:22

1. Churches are surrounded by pagan temples associated to various gods having people engaged with immoral sexuality.
2. The church in Thyatira has COMPROMISED her obedience by accepting false seductive teachings saying it's okay to engage in pagan worship (idolatry) while still being a Christian.
3. The church in Sardis became COMPLACENT in her apathy and laziness causing her to be unguarded and spiritually dead (ineffective) for Jesus.
4. The church in Laodicea prided herself on the ability to be SELF-SUFFICIENT ignoring the need/dependence on Jesus.

1. As a Christian dealing with some of the sin-nature of cultural influences, do you primarily:
a. "Join in and Fit in": aim to blend showing tolerance and acceptance
b. "Compromise to Survive": don't see embracing certain cultural religions all that harmful especially if it means keeping your job, social life, and family security
c. "Live Loyal to Christ No Matter the Cost": live obediently from the Words of Christ without compromise no matter the loss or cost
2. What does Jesus COMMEND to these churches (marking of a healthy/faithful church)?
3. What does Jesus have AGAINST these churches (markings of an unhealth/unfaithful church)?
4. How is Jesus being faithful to these churches?
5. What are some of the warnings and acts of discipline Jesus will bring should these churches NOT REPENT?
6. Why do you think professing Christians have a difficult time repenting?
7. Would you be willing to pray the following to Jesus:
a. "Jesus, in what ways do you delight in me?
b. With help from the Holy Spirit in what ways are you asking me to change and repent so I may grow and mature in my faith-walk with you?
8. Spend time with Jesus seeking repentance, forgiveness, and relational reconciliation.

"Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his ways! For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen"

Pastor T