Are You for Real? (Matthew 11:1-11)

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Dec 11 2016
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Please feel free to use the following as a reflection, personal study, or for your Life Group. Please be sensitive to other views expressed.

Have you ever felt discouraged or disappointed because God did not respond as expected? How did you respond (i.e., anger, bitterness, prayer, support from others, etc.)?

READ MATTHEW 11:1-11 (share reading)

•In what situations do you find yourself questioning your faith upon Jesus?
•Where is John, the Baptist & Great Prophet of God, when he starts to struggle about Jesus’ identity as the Coming One?
•Why do think Jesus didn’t rescue John as he might have expected? (John was eventually martyred.)
•What is Jesus saying in verse 6?
•What steps did John take that we may consider when struggling in our relationship with Christ?
•What was Jesus’ approach as means to bring restful assurance upon John?
•What would be a Christian response when it appears injustice is reigning free?
•How is it possible to still receive the JOY of the Lord when the difficult realities of life hit hard?

As Christians we find ourselves struggling in our faith to identify who Jesus really is when what we expect of Him does not happen in the immediate. Like John the Baptist we may question, "Where are you Jesus in my time of need"? As we see, regardless of our experience or expectations, Jesus is still Jesus as the Messiah - the sent anointed Saviour of the world. With that understanding, will we take offence towards Jesus (verse 6) or trust in Jesus regardless of our current circumstances. Will we seek a greater strengthening of Christ that nurtures a spiritual joy? Christian theologian, Leslie Weatherhead once shared how the opposite of joy is not sorrow but unbelief. Let us not lose heart but confidently trust who Jesus is and the promises to come for those WHOSE HOPE IS FOUND IN THE LORD! Amen!

In our Saviour's Love,

Pastor Trevor