Covenant Ordinances (Going Beyond Conversion-Baptism)

Sermon Date: 
Jul 15 2018
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Sermon Outline

I. Introduction
Why baptism? Not for salvation so what’s the benefit? Who should be baptized?

II. John’s Baptism of Repentance (Jews/Israel)
• Historically prior to John's baptism – ceremonial rite of purification, “proselyte baptism”
• Preparation for their Messiah
• Embraced by Jesus, the Messiah (Christ)

III. Jesus’ Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Jew/Gentile)
• Ordinance/Initiation Rite into Church Membership
• Great Imperative Commission in Discipleship (initiation into discipleship- Matt. 28:19-20)
• Becoming a Christian Disciple: Repentance –> Regeneration (Holy Spirit) –> Baptism –> Spirit-filled Living

IV. Faithfully Moving Beyond Conversion
• Why You Should Wait
-unfamiliar with the gospel of Jesus Christ
-have not repented (agreement) to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour

• What Are You Waiting For? (Acts 8:38-39, 22:16)
- You received and responded to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ (i.e., repented/confessed, received forgiveness, regenerate heart for Jesus)
• Is it time to obediently witness your faith declaring Jesus’ Lordship in your life?

1. Have you ever considered being baptized? Why or Why not?
2. What stood out for you in today’s message?
3. Even though baptism is not about salvation, what is this still necessary? What are the benefits?
4. Please don’t hesitate to talk with our pastors/elders for more information on baptism.

Pastor Trevor