DISCIPLESHIP - "Grace Prevails Over Fairness" (click here)

Sermon Date: 
Jan 10 2021
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Online YouTube Service:https://youtu.be/3dWsVTCDPPU

I. Living in THE WORLD: "Not Being Treated Fairly" (Life is Unfair)
a) What attitude do you carry when you are not treated fairly? (Note: This is not about harassment/abuse but when you believe you deserved something more than others but didn't get it.)
b) Read Philippians 2:5-11; 2 Corinthians 10:5; Romans 12:1-2. What stands out to you through these verses?

II. Abiding in THE WORD: "Kingdom Grace Prevails Fairness"
a) Slowly Read Matthew 20:1-16
b) What would have been your natural response had you been one of the early morning workers?
c) Why did these laborers feel they've been treated unfairly?

III. Growing in THE WAY: "Kingdom Attitude of Gratitude"
a) What was the landowner's response? What made it possible for the landowner to say he wasn't being unfair?
b) What are the implications Jesus is teaching His Disciples (as with us) from this parable?
c) How will you be able to take any felt grumbling into an expression of gratitude toward God?

IV. Surrendering in THE SPIRIT
a) Memorize: Philippians 2:5; Romans 12:2
b) How has your attitude been like lately (e.g., grumbling, murmuring, complaining, judgmental, envious, etc.)
c) Invite the Holy Spirit to make known any attitude/action that requires repentance/confession/forgiveness.
d) Spend some time letting God know what you are deeply thankful/grateful for.

QUOTE: "Go back to the beginning of your life and retrace your steps to the gate through which you passed. Look at the world in its evil state, and look to the hell to which it was leading you, and then look forward and realize that you are sent into the midst of the most glorious campaign a man could ever enter, and that you are on the noblest road that the world has ever known." - Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Peace to you in Christ our Lord.