Faith Like a Child (#2 1 Peter 2:1-3) Includes 75th Anniversary & Baptism Testimonies

Sermon Date: 
Jul 28 2019
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Sermon Outline for Further Reflection & Study

Psalm 119:11: I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.
(Reflect upon this verse this week. What does this verse mean for you personally?)

• Requirements to Enter into God’s Kingdom Presence
• Qualities Revealed in Child-like Faith
• What is Your Spiritual Appetite?

• Spiritual Birth for Holy Living (eternal people w/imperishable seed)
• Relational Sins Impede Love for Others & Desire for God’s Word
• Spiritual Milk (God’s Word) a MUST for Growth & Protection

• Receive Jesus with Total Dependency
• Repent Relational Sins to Deepen Love for Others & God
• Read God’s Word and Taste His Goodness in Your Growth

• Childlike faith has total dependence on Jesus and His Word for spiritual nourishment.
• Obedience to God’s Word will nurture a greater love for God and others.

1. What stood out to you in today's message?
2. To enter into the Kingdom of God requires total dependence upon Christ. Why is this important and what does this look like for you?
3. What is your current appetite toward God’s Word (hungry, lack desire, not interested)? Why did you answer the way you did?
4. What sin-patterns (habits) do you need to choose to rid yourself of in the Spirit’s power?
5. Reflect how you’ve tasted the goodness of God. Don’t forget to give Him your praise and thanksgiving!

Growing in Christ,
Pastor Trevor