FAITH THAT WORKS: "Is Christ Living in Your Christianity?" (James 2:14-16)

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May 27 2018
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Sermon Outline - “Is Christ in Your Christianity”
James 2:14-26 by Pastor Trevor Crowe
(note: answers from the bulletin are capitalized)

I. Introduction
•Would others say you’re a Christian? How would they know?
•James is addressing a “type of faith” amongst believers who see no need for good deeds.

II. Deedless Faith is Dead Faith
•What good (advantage) is your faith without GOOD deeds (v.14)?
•DEAD faith carries no outward evidence of Christ’s inner workings (15-17).

III. Genuine Faith Reveals Christ’s Work in You
•GENUINE active faith is not simply accepting creeds or facts about Christ (demonic faith) (v.18-19).
•Genuine active faith trusts Christ and acts with living-OBEDIENCE (v.21-25).
•Faith without works is USELESS (e.g. inactive, without purpose, dead) as the body is without the spirit of life (v.26).

•Good works without saving faith in Christ is impossible for eternal salvation (e.g. earning one’s salvation in their own merit/works-righteousness as Paul addresses).
•Faith in Christ without producing good works reveals unprovable saving faith (dead, inoperable) (e.g. faith could be based on an opinion not a true conviction/commitment to trust and follow Christ as James addresses)
•What we do and how we act often indicates what we truly believe and trust.

Growing Deeper with God this Week
*Journaling in Reflection*

1. What ways did God speak to you through this message?
2. How would you describe genuine faith in Christ to an unbeliever?
3. What are a few ways your Christian faith is evident in your actions?
4. Are there other areas God is asking to live out in faithful obedience?
5. Pray for God to place courage and strength to fulfill his purposes through you.

Growing in the Living Word of Christ,
Pastor Trevor