FAITH THAT WORKS: "Look in the Mirror of God's Word" (James 1:19-27)

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May 06 2018
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HOW DO I RESPOND WITH "TRUSTING-FAITH" IN MY DIFFICULT TRIALS? (NOTE:"Trusting-Faith" is when we CHOOSE to place all our confidence, all our trust, all our assurance, and all of our obedience in, and, for God.)

-be quick to LISTEN, slow to speak and slow to become angry
-seek UNDERSTANDING before wrongly assuming and accusing
-HUMBLY embrace God’s Word not the filth of the world
-LISTEN intently and LIVE out God’s Word obediently
-TAME your tongue lest your worship be in vain

Growing Deeper with God this Week
*Journaling in Reflection*
1. How do you normally respond towards God when difficulties arise?
2. List the characteristics of “trusting-faith” from these verses.
3. Where do you require growth?
4. Take time to confess unholy habits. Ask for God’s wisdom in steps required to mature your faith and character in these areas.

Growing Deeper in Christ,
Pastor Trevor