FAITH THAT WORKS: "Resist Intimacy with the World" (James 4:1-5:12)

Sermon Date: 
Jul 01 2018
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Sermon Outline ((AUDIO TO COME))

I. Introduction
• Christians living in the pleasures of the world (carnal) position themselves at war with God. It’s time to remove ourselves from the sinful pleasures of the world and become true and faithful friends of God.

II. Two Sources of Friendship
• Friendship with the World (strife & conflict with others):
o from the sinful desires of the flesh
o motivated by a longing for earthly pleasures
o results: spiritual adultery against God and God’s justice judging the sinner

• Friendship with God (healing & peace with others):
o from the gracious desire of God
o motivated by a longing for eternal satisfaction
o results: submission to the authority of God and God’s return for the faithful

III. Characteristics of True & Faithful Friendship with God:
o humility before the sovereignty of God
o obedience to the will of God
o trustworthy in speech & conduct

IV. Application/Conclusion
o resist the devil and he will flee from you
o draw near to God and he will draw near to you
o repent and purify your hearts
o keep patient, stand firm, and endure in faithfulness

1. Are you in strife/conflict with others (e.g. family, friends, church members)? Search the motivation behind this conflict (e.g. selfishness, gratification, pleasures, etc.)? Draw close to God in humility. Repent, seek godly wisdom, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

2. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any specific worldly pleasures which have you in conflict with God. Draw close to God in humility. Repent and pray for the Spirit’s abiding presence to strengthen and mature your friendship with God.

Let us continue to learn and draw closer to God,
Pastor Trevor