"Jesus Makes Everything Better" (#3: Resting Faithfully in Jesus)

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Oct 09 2016
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Please feel free to use the following as a reflection, personal study, or for your Life Group. Please be sensitive to other views expressed.

The author of Hebrews (chapter 3 and 4) is primarily addressing Jewish Christians warning them about having an unbelieving heart. In context, an unbelieving heart is connected to the believer's faithfulness (i.e., trusting and obediently following God's promises). The author therefore takes them back to the time in the desert and the consequences for not believing what God was doing for them. Unbelief was a result of FEAR which lead to DOUBT in God's promises and doubt in God's goodness. As a result the Israelites were unable to be in God's rest. Are you living with Spiritual Restlessness as a believer?

READ HEBREWS 3:1 - 4:13

1. What is the author’s intent comparing Jesus to Moses?

2. How would you define faith and faithfulness?

3. Why is it difficult to confidently trust and follow Jesus?

4. Based on this study, how does one receive rest with God? What might receiving rest with God look like in your spiritual walk?
(Read Matthew 11:28-30)

5. What are some areas of unbelief that may hinder what God desires to give you?

6. How does one’s perseverance in faith (trust and obedience) possibly relate to one’s eternal assurance?

7. The Israelites believed in God’s existence but failed to believe in His promises. How can we learn from this?

How did God speak to you through this reflection / study?

Blessings in our Lord,
Pastor Trevor