"Jesus Makes Everything Better" (#5 No Turning Back)

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Oct 23 2016
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Please feel free to use the following as a reflection, personal study, or for your Life Group. Please be sensitive to other views expressed.

-The author in chapter three illustrates the warning of the Israelite's unbelief towards God’s promises (i.e. fear and doubt resulted in 40 years in the desert not the promise land). The author then begins to reveal Jesus as being the Great High Priest. In this text the author provides a strong warning for those considering rejecting Christ for other means of salvation (i.e., back to the Old Covenant Laws & Rituals).

In what situations have you found yourself questioning your faith in Jesus Christ? Have you ever wanted to try another religion or let go of Christianity?

READ HEBREWS 5:11-6:20 (share reading verses)

•What are the problems the author is addressing to his hearers from chapter 5:11-6:6.
•Discuss the idea of having a “false faith” vs. a “saving faith” in Jesus Christ. How might one find themselves believing in the wrong things?
•What is the strong warning towards the author’s hearers should they decide to go back to Old Testament Laws & Rituals (i.e., circumcision, festivals, food laws, sacrifices, etc.)? If they go back how will they relate to Christ? Do the works of the Old Testament Laws & Rituals or any of our own works merit the means to our eternal salvation? (See 6:6-8, the author is saying that there is no other means of salvation if one decides to reject Christ)
•How is Apostle Peter's situation and his denial different from what this author is currently addressing? (See Luke 22)
•What is the author’s encouragement for regenerated faithful believers based on 6:9 – 6:20? (See also John 10:27-30; Ephesians 1:13-14; Philippians 1:6)
•Why is it important to intentionally grow and mature in the Christ? How may this be achieved?

What do you think the author's whole point is from this study?

How did God speak to you through this reflection / study?

Blessings in our Lord,
Pastor Trevor