"Jesus Makes Everything Better" (#8 Consider Jesus)

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Nov 27 2016
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Please feel free to use the following as a reflection, personal study, or for your Life Group. Please be sensitive to other views expressed.

The author has been revealing what LIVING FAITH looks like in action on how such faith moves God's heart. The author is trying to reveal to the new believers how suffering for being faithful is nothing new. We just need to look at those in ancient times and how our heroes of faith (Hebrews 11) suffered but also known to have a unique relationship with God. As believers, who now have the Messiah, we should be encouraged and inspired to carry the torch of faith to the finish line with Christ as our focus and prize to be received!

What do you think makes a believer decide whether or not to flee from or embrace suffering for their faith in Jesus?

READ HEBREWS 12 (share reading)


1. Do you often feel the weight of guilt and shame for past sins? How does having a relationship with Jesus resolve this (see also Rom. 5:1-11; 8:1)?

2. Why are Christians faced with great suffering and persecution in this world?

3. How does Jesus both inspire and encourage you to move forward by faith?

4. Does God’s discipline frighten you? Why or Why Not?

5. What is the purpose of our Heavenly Father’s discipline?

6. Based on 12:14-17 & 13:1-5, what are some examples of faithful living?

7. How are we to show God our utmost love and gratitude for his faithful works in our lives (Hebrews 12:28-29; 13:15-16)?

We see a Biblical account where Jesus is seen at the finish line (read Acts 7:54-60). In the book of Hebrews Jesus is known to be seated at the right hand of the Father but in this account Jesus is standing ready to receive Stephen into his heavenly home. May we continue to run the race in faith following Jesus Christ our Saviour until our work on earth is complete and He calls us home.

Serving faithfully with you in Christ,
Pastor Trevor