"Lifted Up in Glory" (John 12:20-33)

Sermon Date: 
Mar 28 2021
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ONLINE SERVICE:https://youtu.be/3wJK4teDmUA


a. What might be some misunderstandings people have of Jesus today? How about even for Christians?
b. How you ever experienced suffering because of your faith and obedience to Jesus? Did you feel close to Jesus or distant from Him through this time?

a. Read Isaiah 52:13-14; John 12:20-33; Colossians 2:15
b. Did word/verse stand out? Invite God to speak further into your heart. Is there something God desires to tell you through these verses?
c. Jesus desires the Greeks to know Him primarily by pointing them to His upcoming crucifixion (lifted up). In doing so they will know Jesus and witness God's glory. How might God's glory be revealed through your pain and suffering?

a. What has the Crucified Christ done for you? Where would you be today if Jesus wasn't part of your life?
b. How is the Crucified Christ calling upon you to follow Him (e.g. renewed commitment, area of repentance, obedience)?
c. Invite the Lord to make known any area/step He is asking you to take that has you following Him in His glory.

“If you insist on holding on to yourself and living for yourself and refusing to let yourself go, you will lose yourself. But if you are prepared to lose yourself, to give yourself away in love for God and your fellow human beings, then in that moment of complete abandon, when you think you have lost everything, the miracle takes place and you find yourself.” John Stott (Why I am a Christian)

The Uplift of the Cross “lifts us up from hell to heaven, from the curse of the broken law to the acceptance of God and the justification, forgiveness and salvation which place us on a plane of loftier righteousness than even if we had never sinned. It lifts us up from sin to righteousness, from the degradation and defilement of our natural condition to the image of Christ and the righteousness of God. ‘Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood’ is the tribute which every saint has brought to the cross of Jesus Christ.” A.B. Simpson (The Cross of Christ)

"Beloved, if anything is true, this is true, that there will be nothing in heaven that does not have the mark of the cross upon it and has not passed through death and resurrection. Even the very earth and heavens must pass away, and a new heaven and a new earth emerge. There shall be no joy, there shall be no glory, there shall be no crown for us there that did not come from some surrender, some sacrifice, some renunciation, some crucifixion here. God help us, therefore, to stamp upon all our life below and our crown above the passion sign of the cross.” A.B. Simpson (The Cross of Christ)

God bless!
Pastor Trevor